Research shows that several back related problems stem from the size and contents of the bags we carry on a daily basis. It is said that the first step towards solving a problem is identifying the problem itself. The sad bit is that back pains these days are not just for the aged, even kids as young as eight years are thrust into the agonizing mix. The comfort of your back boils down to the kind of backpack you saddle yourself with.

This is where technology comes in handy. With all the flashy inventions and gadgets that have been introduced to us in the 21st century, life is so much bearable.Now that the holiday season has come to an end, we have to pay close attention to the type of backpacks we place on our children’s frail, developing backs. Failure to which, this could result in an awful and awkward posture which will possibly be for the rest of their lives. This article wouldn’t have come at a better time than this when kids are traveling home from their holiday destinations back to school. We shall closely look at the features of a comfortable backpack which will at the same time be convenient for the kids.Features of a comfortable backpack.Pick a pack according to your child’s size.

A bigger size is much more comfortable and spacious enough for the child to fit into as compared to a smaller size which will require your child to squeeze themselves into. Chiropractors advise strongly against this.

The straps of your kids’ backpacks should be wider for the sole purpose of active circulation of blood. Studies show that narrow straps dig deeper into the shoulders, causing problems with the neck and shoulders and worse still, the back. This hinders proper circulation of blood leading to other preventable complications.

An efficient backpack should have a hip belt for equal distribution of weight between the back and the hips. This belt is fitted on the backpack for more than just aesthetic value; it brings comfort as well.
Check the zippers. They should be tight and sizeable to guarantee the safety of the contents of the backpack.

Always remember to put the durability aspect into consideration. You can tell the durability of a bag just by looking at the material used in its manufacture. Some prefer leather owing to its robust and stylish nature. Whatever material you prefer, make sure it is authentic and not counterfeit.

A good backpack is one that is easy to clean and dry. An efficient pack will save you time, energy and resources during cleaning.
Should be appealing to the eye. This is a secondary feature, but it matters a lot to your child. A ‘cool’ backpack will boost your child’s confidence and build upon their self-esteem issues.

In the recent past, bags have been considered one of the most essential and conducive items to use especially when organizing an unexpected trip or maybe one that will not last many days. You will realize that these features will come to play when your child has to go on a camping trip. The various compartments will entirely need to be utilized.

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